Occupation forcibly broken up in early morning raid

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 phone: 07842765067

Email: [email protected]


Students removed forcibly from occupation by police, bailiffs and university security in early morning 7am raid. Jo Holland (24) said, “they came in the early morning to make sure there were no students on campus to support us. However having seen them coming and calling round for observers, a crowd of over 20 students gathered outside to support us.“

The occupation was broken up by the university, who was determined to end the campaign that threatened them. Kelly Rogers (21) said “bailiffs and police gained entry after breaking down barricades into the occupation with machine tools. We retreated to the senate chamber where we peacefully resisted our removal by linking arms and blocking the doors with our bodies.“

Hattie Craig (21) said, “this is not the end of the campaign. University management have refused to negotiate, and actions are planned over coming weeks. We’re particularly excited about the demonstration we have organised next Tuesday in solidarity with the UCU strike, and the national demonstration expected to take place at the beginning of second term“.

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