Letter from the occupation: ONE WEEK ON!

one wekk on

Dear fellow students,

We’ve done it! Against all the odds, and despite some very aggressive moves on the part of the university we are still occupying one week on.

When we entered the building at 7pm last Wednesday night we didn’t know what was going to happen. The success of the occupation has far exceeded our expectations.

Those of us who had been involved in similar actions before had seen the fury and force with which the university tries to shut down movements of this kind.

They have successfully upheld their reputation, taking out another injunction against the occupiers and even attempting to pin court costs onto two named students.

But the will of the students who have been here from the start, and the enthusiasm of the vast numbers of students who have joined the campaign over the past week, has been more than the university were prepared for.

We have seen two demonstrations, equaling hundreds of students, march into the Aston Webb and break the siege on the occupation, getting fresh activists inside and relieving tired occupiers – giving them an opportunity for a much needed shower, and a good nights sleep on a real bed.

We have seen students and activist groups from across the country rally to support us. Sussex University are back in occupation, and there are whisperings of other occupations being planned. The Autonomous Students Network and National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts have collaborated to call a national demonstration on our campus: to be announced soon.

We are seeing unprecedented support from our fellow students, with a never-ending supply of care packages, gifts and letters.

With Unison now balloting for strike and UCU going on strike next Tuesday, alongside an ever-growing network of activists outside of the occupation planning and executing disruptive actions across campus, we are putting exactly the kind of pressure on the university we have always hoped we could.

Thank you everyone for your support so far, and please get involved.

Make sure you come along to the demonstration next Tuesday at the clock tower, and if you want to help out with any other actions call Defend Education on 07842765067.

Thank you again!

With love from the Occupation xxx

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