Letter Nr. 4 written to the university

Senior management of University of Birmingham,

We are writing from the occupation to implore, once again, that you engage in negotiations with us with regard to our reasonable demands.
We consider your response to the occupation thus far to be aggressive attempts to intimidate us, and we celebrate the failure on your part to force two students to pay for the costs of an injunction against us.
We believe that in the face of your continued refusal to negotiate, our only option is to escalate.
We are aware of the postgraduate open day taking place tomorrow, Wednesday 27th November. We are planning disruptive actions seeking to inform prospective students of the mistreatment of all staff at the University of Birmingham, including young postgraduate teaching staff who have recently had their contracts casualised.
We are also aware of strike action taking place at the University of Birmingham on Tuesday 3rd December. In light of the aims of the occupation and the strike being broadly aligned, we offer our full support to UCU and staff on strike. We intend to call a demonstration on this day in support of staff and in continuation of the campaign, which is achieving wide national support and impressive media coverage.
We are continuing the occupation in defiance of the injunction: we hope that you meet us in negotiations so that we can come to an adequate agreement.

Yours sincerely,
The Occupation

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