Guild of Students Policy on Direct Action

Last academic year Guild Council voted through the following policy:


To set out the kinds of actions we believe students have the right to be taking in defence of their education.


In the context of this University’s systematic attack on education detailed in other beliefs direct action by students is likely to take place. The Guild’s role is never to manage and control, or condemn student dissent or action, rather it should use it and the pressure it applies to achieve change. Possible action could include:

  • Disrupting distinguished lecture series
  • Disrupting University open days
  • Drawing attention to their attacks in the press
  • Occupations
  • Walkouts or student strikes

The Guild will attempt to develop forms of direct action that can be used while maintaining other responsibilities. It will not condemn protestors for taking this action, or claim that it is illegitimate. However Guild Student Media Groups (given their position within the Guild), are free to comment or condemn ‘action’ as defined in this motion, under fair comment and freedom of the press.

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