Reclaiming our Education ::: Discussion with David Graeber, Pete Radcliffe and others.

Defend Education has organised an event with a series of guest talks and discussions.

We have secured free and open access to the occupation.
The occupation is wheelchair accessible.
For more information contact Defend Education - 07842765067

Guest speakers

David Graeber, anthropologist, author, anarchist and activist and Professor of Anthropology at the London School of Economics will be taking part in an open discussion with the occupation about our campaign; where we plan to go from here; how we intend to achieve our demands; and more. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss and debate with a leading scholar in his field, and strong ally.

Pete Radcliffe was a student at the University of Birmingham during a defining period of struggle between 1968 and 1972. He was present in the 1000-strong victorious occupation of the Great Hall in 1968 and alongside his fellow students offered solidarity with the striking miners in 1972 at the famous battle of Saltley Gate in Birmingham.


3pm: Welcome and introduction to the occupation.

3:30pm: Pete Radcliffe talk and Q&A

4:30pm: Access break — snacks, tea and coffee etc.

5pm: Discussion with David Graeber. An open meeting to discuss our demands, modes of organising and intentions in the future. Contributions and ideas from David Graeber to kick-off and explore topics of discussion.

6:30pm: Access break

6:45pm: Discussion on the gendered aspects of the demands. To date Defend Education has kept its message clear and simple, but in doing so it has taken a gender-blind approach to the problems at the University of Birmingham. The topic of discussion will relate to how the demands are in fact gendered, and how this recognition can be manifested in action.

7:30pm onwards: Poetry slam and open-mic. We have a number of current and ex-students coming to perform their poetry, and the mic will be open. If you would like to perform then get in touch, or make yourself known on the night. There will be a quiet zone.


Next week

While occupations are necessarily precarious situations, we have also drawn up a provisional timetable of guest speakers for early next week – to be announced soon.


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