Defend Education Reoccupies the University of Birmingham


Contact: Birmingham Defend Education
 phone: 07842765067
Email: [email protected]

Around 10pm on the 22nd of January, members of Defend Education Birmingham occupied the University of Birmingham’s Horton Grange Conference center. In the previous semester, students at the University had occupied the Senate Chambers in the Aston Webb twice with a list of demands concerning the continued privatization of the higher education system and the loss of democracy there.

List of demands:

This most recent occupation is occurring in order to continue Defend Education’s demands of which the University have only fulfilled one, but also in protest against the disciplinaries that the University of Birmingham have issued against six students, each with varying levels of participation in the previous actions.

The campaign continues to grow, despite repression by the university over recent weeks and months. The number of students joining in our actions has exploded, to the degree that no previous occupiers are in the current occupation at all! For this reason the injunction does not apply to this occupation.

Actions at the University of Birmingham will be maintained over the coming weeks and months with the upcoming national demonstration on the 29th where hundreds of students from around the UK will continue the protests.

National Demonstration event :

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