Defend Education in Solidarity with Residents Campaign to save Tiverton Road Pool.

This is a callout by the defend education campaign for students to get involved in helping the residents of Selly Oak save vital local services historic baths.
Residents will be meeting to set up a ‘Friends of Tiverton Pool and Gym’ on Wednesday 15th January, at the Elim Church Centre at 7.30pm.

At a meeting on December 6th 40 Selly Oak Residents and Workers from the Tiverton Road pool met and agreed to set up a Friends of Tiverton Pool and Gym pressure group to save the pool which faces closure in 2014/15.

The Tiverton Rool Pool & Gym is a vital service for students. Despite paying £9k in tution fees if we want to use the university pool and gym we must pay them £233 a year in membership or £4.50 a go. The student price Tiverton Rool Pool & Gym is well under half this and many poorer students opt to use it instead of the unaffordable university facilities.

Local baths can be saved. Friends of Moseley Road Baths which has been in existence for many years has successfully pressured the council into keeping their baths open by running high profile campaigns. It would only take £100,000 to save the Tiverton pool & gym – pocket change by the councils standards, only a small amount of the £60m it wastes a year on its dodgy private sector contract with capita.

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